Welcome to Good Seed Ministries

A Place Where Families Become Fully Devoted Followers Of Christ

Good Seed is a place where families become fully devoted followers of Christ. Our lives were chaos before Christ. We were on the path of destruction and despair. Once we became serious about our relationship with God and gave our lives to him fully, it was only then that God could use us in such a way to plant Good Seed Ministries.  To help families who are going through what we once did, and are like we once were. Now we are driven by our love for God, and passion for the familly to give unselfishly what God has given us, LOVE and PEACE. 

The void that was missing in my life before accepting Christ has been filled. It was me always being the one to make things happen in my life. This was my thinking but now I just buckle up with Jesus and let him be the driver. I can walk with my head up and my shoulders back because the burdens have been given to my Dad.

Accepting Jesus Christ into our lives dramatically changed our perspective on life.  We've learned how to truly have unconditional love for ourselves and one another.  It has opened our eyes to do better for ourselves as young men and women of God, which has become our motivation to be better each day. We now live by the principles of God and understand the true meaning of family.  We are now a family of intergrity, morals, value, and character.  We will let nothing seperate us from the love of God. Our life experiences and all that we have overcome, will give other families hope. If God can change our family, I know there is hope for your family. We are grateful to be a model family for the Lord.  


Pastor Glenn and Carla Bone Receive 2005 Healthy Church Award From Pastor Rick Warren