What To Expect When You Attend

The Weekend Service
Whether it is your first time at Good Seed or you've been attending for months, you never know what to expect during our hour-long service. We are committed to providing a creative, compelling, and challenging presentation of God's truth. The Bible will be communicated in a way that speaks to today's culture. The focus will be on how to apply Christ's teachings to our lives, so we each can experience God's incredible purpose every day. The phenomenal music wraps the weekend message in a relevant way with an amazing diversity of artists and styles.

A Community of Believers
After your first visit, we hope you'll want to come back often and begin to think of Good Seed Ministries as not just a place but as your church family. You'll discover we offer many classes and events to help you grow in your faith. We'll encourage you to get connected and take next steps such as baptism, joining a community or life group, serving in a ministry and participating in on-campus studies.

What to Expect

At Good Seed Ministries we've done our best to remove any obstacle to you enjoying your time at church. You'll see it in our casual dress, friendly greeters and practical teaching style. Still, you might have questions about what to expect in our services. See what others have said about what they have seen and experienced at GSM.


How do I dress?

"This church doesn't judge me. Good Seed doesn't put any pressure on me when it comes to what I wear. Everybody's spirit is so positive. Everybody here is so loving and genuine. The presence of God is in this church."


What's the atmosphere like?

"You'll see smiling faces, glad to see that you've attended our church. I'm more of a reserved, quiet person, but I've found that if you're not a hugging, outwardly loving person, Good Seed will help you become one. The people and messages will help you find your purpose-driven ambition in God and life."


What about the messages?

"The messages make me want to grow. The message is clear and applies to everyday life. You are given things you can do at home or at the job. In the handout, the message is ready and available for you to go back and refer to. The word is taught in a way that makes Jesus real and present, not far away."